Making Sense of your University Retirement Plan

Provizr is an investment advisory firm solely focused on helping university employees and retirees. You deserve more time, more help, and less stress. We understand that many employees don’t have the time to devote the necessary attention to their retirement plan. Many simply choose some investments and hope for the best. When the economy or markets change, they simply don’t know what to do. And more importantly, access to professional help is not alway easy to find.

What we do. We manage your university retirement account for you. Using sophisticated strategies, we analyze the markets, place the necessary trades, and monitor your account to help you work toward your retirement goals.

Aim to get you on track and keep you there. We understand what it takes to retire comfortably. We help you clear up your vision and goals for retirement, help you weigh how much risk you’re comfortable with vs. how much you need to take, help you customize your investments, and manage that portfolio for you throughout the years.

We are not everything to everyone. Other firms try to do everything. They may give you advice on your retirement accounts. They may offer help with estate planning or income taxes or education planning. But in our minds, that’s like being a Jack of All Trades…and a Master of None. Provizr is laser-focused on your university retirement program. That’s all we do. We sort out the idiosyncrasies of your particular plan and then explain it to you in plain English. We can then help you plan for your retirement and manage your account for you.

We’re real people, not computers. Unlike many “Robo-Advisors”, we don’t have a computer program managing your retirement account. A real person does. A real person with many years of investing experience. We make common sense decisions that a computer algorithm simply cannot.
Independent and Objective

We are Investment Fiduciaries. As a fiduciary, we must put your best interest ahead of ours at all times. Additionally, the founders of Provizr hold advanced designations as Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF®).

Independent and Privately Held. We are not owned by a big conglomerate. We are independently operated so that we may make the most appropriate decisions for you without corporate interests dictating how best to serve you.


Provizr was founded by 3 industry veterans that spend their careers advising their clients on retirement. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we have met with many university employees whose experiences were similar. The employees would complain that their retirement program was too confusing. There was very little help offered to them. They didn’t know what to do with their investments when the markets or economy changed. Even if the employees worked with their own financial advisors, those advisors were hesitant to offer advice. Some might offer an annual allocation suggestion, yet almost none could manage the university retirement account for the employee.

We realized that there were far too many employees that were in this situation… and we set about to do something about it. Provizr is our way of helping employees have more time for family and friends, have less stress about their future, and have confidence knowing that their retirement is in good hands.